Apparently this was Edward Woodward’s suggested title for the 1973 thriller.


A very revealing interview with the renaissance man himself.


Back from the grave?


So true.




Brendan Rodgers prepares to welcome Kenny Dalglish back to Anfield…



All you punk ass alien bitches think you’re cool, but guess what…

I’m that massive slug looking motherfucker they call Jabba the Hut.

I’ll sit on Chewbacca and make him look like an Ewok.

Freeze Han Solo in carbonite and snap off his cock.

I’m so fuckin large you pricks didn’t even know…

that the Sarlacc Pit is actually my asshole yo!


John Carpenter’s 1982 masterpiece gets the treatment.
But in a respectful way…


The ranting Chief Whip finally loses it altogether…


Fuck off!




I was unfortunate to catch 5 minutes of this garbage on saturday.
This is what immediately sprang to mind…


Richard Harris is…

…a monkey poo.


Word is born.

I’ll get right up inside your ass like you’re a Tauntaun.

Act like i’m doing you a favour,
then cut your nut sack with my light sabre.

I’ll burn a penis into your forehead and pull your rectum hole out.

There’s a meteorite that hit the ground here, I’m gonna check it out.



I’m sure a lot of you will agree with this one…


Very silly…


A South Coast remake of the 1975 classic.
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water mush.


I’m R2-D2,
my penis is see through.

I’ll electrocute your balls until you pee poo.

I’m 3 foot 4, and I roll on the floor.

I’ll shut down all the garbage compactors on level four.



I suppose this is an un-PC re-re-boot…


I think Mad Matey could be developed into quite an interesting character.
Who knows, he may make an appearance some time after the apocalypse…